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How it Works

Upload your design and place your order. You spent time perfecting your design, so we pay attention to detail when handling your order.

We print and send you your design on our high-quality press-art transfer sheets to achieve that professional look and feel we know you love.

Apply your design onto any garment with a heat press or home iron. Cold peal the film and display your artwork proudly.

Bring Your Ideas To Life.

Make money by printing at home. With no minimum orders and full color potential.


Received my 1st order from streetcrafter AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!! Question? Cold peel right?

Overall, StreetCrafter is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking to start their own clothing brand from home... ...I would recommend Streetcrafters and the FTGU team to anyone interested in started a brand from home.

Just tried's a little different than what I'm used to (I typically get hot peel), but the outcome was silky smooth and looks damn good! Appreciate the info man!

Streetcrafter is top notch! They have great blanks, very high quality heavyweight garments. Their customer service is amazing. They are quick to respond, and genuinely care about their clients needs. Always providing valuable information through social media. Overall great people, great products! I'am very happy to do business with Streetcrafter!

Love the quality and easiness to create!

Streetcrafter is so simple, easy and does great quality printing. I've been wanting to start a merch line for our business, but the problem I've always had was a minimum order or really high single prices. This company gives me the flexibility to try out my designs without breaking the bank!! Must try!!! You won't regret it.

I Love StreetCrafter

The StreetCrafter process has given me the ability to launch my brand with little money from home. Instead of spending $100s on samples I can make the products myself from home and only make what I sell so I’m not sitting on any inventory. No risk and no minimums. Love this innovative method to starting a clothing brand.

Press-Art Features

Streetcrafter is dedicated to providing you the highest quality at the best value. By doing so we give you margins and help you keep customers coming back for more.

Bright & Bold Colors

Watch your artwork pop on any garment you choose. With whites this white, you may require sunglasses.

Super-High Detail Printing

There's a reason our transfer sheets stand out from the crowd. Order our Press-Art and see the high-quality crisp lines we're known for first hand.

Apply to Lights or Darks

With Press-Art, there's no need to limit your designs. Creativity should dictate the product, not the other way around. That's the Streetcrafter way.

Make Your Press-Able Art

Press-Art by Size

Gang Sheets

Press-Art Gang Sheet Builder

Blank Hoodies

We started the Streetcrafter blank collection with our very own Luxury Heavyweight Hoodie. Begin your Streetcrafter journey with a blank you can trust.


Questions? We have answers.

Press-Art™ is made by processing your art and creating a base layer for it. The base layer is an adhesive which is activated with heat. The top layer is digitally printed by a huge printer.

The look and feel to Press-Art is similar to a screen print, with the stretchiness of a vinyl. It’s made to withstand the elements and bring your designs to life.

We wanted to make the ordering process as easy as possible. If this is your first time using Press-Art, we recommend you order one of our Bulk Sheets. The bulk sheets give you the freedom to test different types of images, logos, sizes and styles. 

If you already know what dimensions you want, then you can order our pre-cut Press-Art. There is a small minimum to order this way, but it removes the guesswork out of cutting it yourself.

To upload your art you can use our designer tool or simply upload your art files. Checkout our How-To section for more details.

The single sheet is perfect for the designs you know you need to stock up on. For instance, say you want to order prints for your t-shirt collection, you can quickly choose the dimension and have them shipped pre-cut so you can store away and grab when needed. 

But if you’re doing a one time job, maybe for a client or your sampling for a collection, then a bulk sheet works great for this. We recommend using bulk sheets when you’re ordering a lot of random designs.

The beauty of Press-Art is that all you need is something hot. This means you can start with an iron! (Don’t believe us- watch this )

To improve production and end results we highly recommend upgrading to a heat press. Any heat press that can keep consistent heat works best.

Press-Art works on pretty much any type of fabric. It has been tested on cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, nylon, denim, suede, hemp, hats, bags, leather, and more. The art is in the adhesive, as long as you can heat it up, it will stick! 

Fabrics that are thin we recommend you adjust the amount of pressure and heat being applied. Go light pressure, slightly lower temp (290°F) and this should prevent burns/ marks to the fabric. Remember to ALWAYS do a test press on new products you try. 

View our How-To section for more details.

Press-Art is EXTREMELY durable when applied correctly. If you experience issues, that means it was applied incorrectly. We have been testing Press-Art since the summer of 2022 and are approaching 50 washes on a variety of products. All of which are holding up strong! At this rate we estimate the t-shirt will go bad before the print does. 

We have also been running physical stress tests on sports players such as football, baseball and track. Press-Art is coming for the win!

Don’t stress, we got you! If you have any issues ordering or after receiving your products simply send us a message or email.

Our number listed on our site is connected to whatsapp (for out of country inquiries) and if you live in the states simply give us a call. We will get back to you within 24-38hrs. Our office hours are: M-F 9AM-5PM PST

Shipping Press-Art

We do our best to make and ship Press-Art as fast as possible, and most orders are in transit within 24hrs (If the order is placed between Monday-Friday). 

The delivery time is up to the shipping method you select, and you will be provided an estimated date of arrival based on the method you choose.

Keep in mind we cannot control how fast you will receive it once it gets handed to the carrier. If you need an order to arrive by a deadline, please leave us a note and then select the fastest shipping method available. 

To ensure the fastest turnaround please make sure to provide us with production ready art. If we have issues with your art, we will attempt to reach out to you via email and message. If we do not hear from you, we will print and ship as the artwork was received. 

All Other Products

Products such as wholesale blanks, vinyls and equipment are shipped and fulfilled from our sister facilities. The orders are processed as they are received.


There are times that we do not receive production ready art, and if we have a problem with it we will attempt to reach out to you to correct it. If we do not hear back from you within 24hrs, we will print and ship as it was submitted. 

All sales for products are final. If it’s a manufacturing issue we will make it right. Simply reach out to us via email with your order number and we will get in contact with you. 

All Other Products

All sales are final, but will replace or fix any products that were a manufacturing error within 21 days of purchase. 


Didn't find your answer?

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How To Use Press-Art

Position your Press-Art on your garment.

Press your art using a heat press or home iron set to 320°F for 15 seconds.

Allow your Press-Art to fully cool before peeling.

Ultimate DTF Shirt Printing Tutorial

Supplies & Blanks


Sourcing the best quality and best value for your brand to make us all succesful!

Makr Papr

Makr Papr what gives the textured look to your graphic arts or text designs. Just cut patterns out and heat transfer them to any garment!

Press Art Sheets

Press art is ink based design that is heat pressed on to your garment. These come in sheets ready for printing!

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